Baysallar Group is able to provide logistics services together with her office and warehouse in Regensburg, Germany in order for the unitization activities to be organized steadily and reliably. Preparation of appropriate documents with regards to the condition of the goods by being in constant contact with the senders, discharge of goods off the warehouse, and setting them to road, arrivals and making the customer informed of every single step of the activities indicated above and giving warranty for the transportation duration is among the services provided.

Puts the possibility reaching any point in the world to the use of institutions in the Turkey-based cross-border shipments, by creating opportunities for the most optimum time and cost by utilizing of transport models that are connected to one another.

Baysallar's transport strategy is based on the desired time to deliver the desired product, at the desired location in the desired time frame that is envisaged by our customers according to the total duration of supply.

Service Diversification

▪ Chemical substances transportation,
▪ International exhibition shipments,
▪ Door to door international transportation of goods,
▪ Pre-clearance and the final storage services, with the strong network of agencies,
▪ Exceptional service with a staff experienced in the field of customs clearance,
▪ Transport of import and export to all over the world by airlines,
▪ Customs-paid and customs free warehouses services,
▪ Logistics support services in export and import operations,
▪ Trailer + Airplane+ Maritime transportations, Multi-modal transportation services
▪ Project transportations, transportation of heavy parts, and complete factory shipments that require special expertise, from any location in Europe,
▪ Insurance coverage to all transported goods. Transportation insurance according to the principles of the CMR convention,
▪ Complete or partial container and conventional cargo maritime transportation to all ports of the world

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