You well know that the prices and the quality of services fluctuate during periods when the imports and exports are maximum or minimum. Preparation of appropriate documents with regards to the condition of the goods by being in constant contact with the senders, discharge of goods off the warehouse, and setting them to road, arrivals and making the customer informed of every single step of the activities indicated above and giving warranty are among the services provided.

Sometimes you want to rent the ship, Sometimes you have a cargo on container basis, and sometimes you have project transportation. Do not try to find the best for you for them all by calling different places. Baysallar combined transport is just enough for you.

Baysallar realizes the airline cargo transportation most reliably and quickly to any location in the world by making the time notification to the receiver through her IATA agency partners.

Baysallar realizes your railroad transportation according to your wishes, with the specialist railroad companies.

multimodal nakliye