With our more than 25 years of experience in the transportation sector, as Baysallar Group, we are engaged in organizing road/land transportation with more than 150 self-owned 2018-2019 model(euro5) trailers and Mega/Maxima/Optima/Kamion+Romorks.

With as a result of continuous investments for our company, professional staff and our trusty agents that we cooparate,is Baysallar International Transport one of the best transport company in Turkey.

We can summarize the activities of Baysallar Group companies as follow:

• Complete freight transportation between Europe/Turkey/Europe
• International Cargo transportation organization (Internatioal Freight Forwarding)
• Maritime container and conventional Cargo transportation
• Regular door to parcel service
• Oversized parts and Project transportation
• Logistics Support + storge + customs clearance in export and import shipping