» As an institution that makes important contributions to the economy of our country, that is cognizant of her responsibilities to society and to the environment, that has made the sustainable development a way of life, and as a leader in her industry, our goal is to provide the products and services that would bring the highest benefit to our customers as the best solution partner and to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

» All of our employees should regard each other as a customer and should aim for zero error with the Process Approach that is based upon Continuous Improvement.

» As being aware of the fact that the path to satisfy our customers passes through the happiness and satisfaction of our employees we provide the best possible work environment to them and foster the continuous improvement and learning.

» Reducing our costs, increasing our productivity and long term profitability; safeguarding our future, can only be achieved by working with our suppliers in mutual cooperation and trust.

» In this context, our aim is to adopt the Total Quality Management as a way of life to fulfill her requirements in order to ensure the quality consciousness in a systematic and orderly manner in all of the activity fields and service units.

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